Green Peas

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IQF Green Peas are the product prepared from sound, fresh, free from insect or fungal infection, clean peas of suitable maturity, which are depodded, washed, sufficiently blanched to inactivate enzymes and to ensure adequate stability of color, flavour during normal marketing cycles.IQF Green Peas should conform to the characteristics of the species Pisum sativum L..


The IQF Green Peas should posses good color, flavor, body, and to be manufactured under highly sanitary conditions. The product should be packed in food grade packing material and stored below -18° C.


Tolerance of Defects:
Sr no. Parameters Acceptable Limits
Physical Characteristics For Bulk & 5Kg Packing For Consumer Packing
1. Color Green Green
2. Odor No off odor No off odor
3. Taste Characteristic Sweet Characteristic Sweet
4. Texture Tender Tender
5. Size 7 – 12 mm 7 – 12 mm
6. Shape Spherical Spherical
7. Blemish Below 3.0 % Below 1.5 %
8. Seriously Blemish Below 4.0 % Below 0.5 %
9. Blond Below 3.0 % Below 0.5 %
10. Fragments Below 5 % Below 3 %
11. Infected Below 0.5% Below 0.5%
12. Extraneous Vegetable Matter 0.5% Nil
13. Foreign Material Nil Nil
Chemical Characteristics
1. Peroxidase – ve
Microbiological Standards
1. Total Plate Count Less than 100000 cfu/g
2. Coliform Less than 1000 cfu/g
3. Yeast & Mould Less than 1000 cfu/g
4. E Coli Absent in cfu/g
5. Salmonella Absent in 25g
6. Staphylococcus Aureus Absent in 25g
7. Listeria Monocytogens Absent in 25g
Packaging: Bulk packing in HDPE 30 kg Bags with food grade inner liner, Consumer packing as per customer requirement
Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacturing
Storage Condition: -18 oC or below
Delivery: In refrigerated vans to maintain product temperature below -18 oC